Camp Sunshine
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Camp Sunshine offers a variety of programs throughout the year for children of all ages and their entire family- brothers, sisters and parents!!! While Summer Camp is the largest program Camp Sunshine provides, it is only one of many.

In addition to the many weekend camps and recreational programs, there are also educational and support programs throughout the year at Camp Sunshine House. They provide opportunities for family members to share with each other and gain support and knowledge from others who have experienced similar trials and triumphs. Children and teens (ages 0-18) and young adults (18-23) who have or have had cancer are eligible to attend Camp Sunshine programs. Camp Sunshine serves children and families throughout the state of Georgia.

Families who wish to be placed on the mailing list to receive information on upcoming programs should contact the Camp Sunshine office at 404-325-7979, email us at or print and mail in this form.