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Naming Opportunities for The Sally J. Hale Center

The Sally J. Hale Center is located on the property adjacent to the Camp Sunshine House. A place for large and small gatherings, meetings, education, support and fun, The Sally J. Hale Center allows Camp Sunshine to expand our programs and broaden our vision for the future. The following is a list of opportunities for donors to contribute to Camp Sunshine through the naming of rooms at The Sally J. Hale Center.

Reception Area:

This is the welcome area and front entrance for the Center.  It is the waiting area prior to large group functions and for families who are at the Center for counseling.  $50,000

Conference Room :

Large space for conferences and smaller meetings.  $50,000

Play Therapy Room:

This space is a fun and safe place for children in need of individual counseling. $25,000

Counseling Room:

This office is reserved for private counseling sessions with parents of children with cancer or young adults needed individual professional counseling.  $25,000

Break Room:

A natural gathering space off the reception area.  This will also serve as a catering area.   $25,000

Offices (4) :

Office space for professional staff.  $10,000


For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about The Sally J. Hale Center naming opportunities please contact Sally Hale.