Contribute with more fun !

One opportunity for supporting our campers throughout the year is by providing items from our wish list below. Any donation - no matter how small - can make a significant difference!

If you would like any additional details about these items, please call us at 404.325.7979 or email us at

COOL Bingo Prizes!

(Ex. include games, $5 iTunes gift cards, nail polish/beauty supplies, sports equipment, costume jewelry, etc.)

Board games for all ages

Brand new, unopened games.

Uno card games and playing cards

Brand new and unopened.

Gift cards: Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Kroger, Michael's, gas cards, iTunes

Acrylic craft paint

Brushes for painting arts and crafts

Coloring books and crayons

Fabric markers and fabric paint

Individual craft kits for all ages

Watercolor paint and watercolor paper

Playing cards


all sizes

Adult and children tennis rackets

Tennis balls

Fishing poles

adult size

Duct tape in solid colors and patterns

Plain white 100% cotton t-shirts in adult and youth sizes for tie dye projects

NEW only please!

Trash bags

33 and 13 gallon

Paper towels

Anti-bacterial wipes

Hand sanitizer large and small sizes

Ziploc baggies

gallon size