Camp Sunshine awarded 44 scholarships totaling $62,000 in 2019 to childhood cancer survivors. Camp Sunshine’s Board of Directors established the scholarship fund in 1992 but expanded it in 2014 to assist more Camp Sunshine Alumni.  The Camp Sunshine Scholarship Program awards college scholarships to childhood cancer survivors who have attended Camp Sunshine programs and who have overcome challenges of childhood cancer.

This is one example of an inspiring essay from a Camp Sunshine alumni:

"Discovering Camp Sunshine was arguably the best part of my treatment and had the most lasting effects in my recovery and life. Cancer is a very undignified and degrading disease. The knowledge that you “aren’t normal” is unavoidable, and life becomes filled with “cannots” and “avoids” in devastating quantities. The cancer eats away at more than just one’s health; it eats one’s identity. Camp Sunshine, however, helped me restore my self-confidence, dignity, and identity. When I was at camp, I wasn’t that “poor kid” with cancer that everyone felt sorry for – I was a strong person who could do hard things and accomplish his dreams. I knew I could change the world, even it only one person at a time. I knew I wanted to bless and help the lives of others in the same way that countless doctors, nurses, and organizations like Camp Sunshine did for me. Camp Sunshine has always played a huge part in encouraging and helping me reach my goals." – David Kotter