I recently saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning about what makes a great and timeless love song. It made me think what makes a good “camp” song…what songs remind you of the feeling that camp gives you? That feeling of connections, acceptance, understanding, lasting friendships, sunshine, hope, belonging. Is it a song we sing at camp…The Rainbow Connection, Georgia Gold, Love Is, Lean on Me…?  Maybe you remember a song we sang years ago, A Friend Like You or Country Roads by John Denver.

I recently found an old Judy Collins video of Judith’s Song, with the written lyrics. THIS song makes me think of camp. She sings:

Now I know we all have stormy weather

The sun shines through when we’re together

I’ll be your friend right through to the end

Open the door and come on in

I’m so glad to see you my friend

You’re like a rainbow coming around the bend

And when I see you smiling

Well, it sets my heart free

I’d like to be as good a friend to you

As you are to me

Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks”. What song speaks to you about the feeling of camp and your camp friends?